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with Strange Victory Performance (Lin Snelling/Tori Morrison/David Gagnon Walker) and kloetzel&co with Linnea Swan.

Available Online, On-Demand from August 6, 2021 @ 07:00PM until August 8, 2021 @ 11:55PM.

$25.00 // $15.00 // $5.00

Pay whichever price range you can in support of ReLoCate and Alberta dance artists!

When you purchase a ticket, you/your household will be emailed a unique link to access the video.


Tori Morrison, Lin Snelling, and David Gagnon Walker

a Strange Victory Performance


ENTRANCES is an artistic research project on the relationship between writing and performing.


Dance artist Lin Snelling and writer David Gagnon Walker perform a digital duet from their respective homes, accompanied and live-mixed by multimedia designer Tori Morrison. Fusing techniques from dance, theatre, literary poetry, and digital performance, they work through a suite of poems by David that each begin with the phrase “Sarah walks into a room”. Lin and David “play Sarah” together. They move, speak, and type through and around the poems in a semi-improvised score, simultaneously responding to the existing texts and generating new written and physical material. An investigation of the nature and manifestations of creative thought, the performance – like the texts it starts from – also maps the complex experience of being isolated in a body, a mind, and a room during this strange time in human history. Responding to each other through the shimmering intimacy of digital connection, the artists work to articulate how thinking feels and what feelings do.


ENTRANCES is being developed by Strange Victory Performance, a producing collaboration between David and Tori. SVP makes experimental text-based projects focused on the mystery of creation itself: the movement from an impulse, to an image, to a structured artistic work, and how this movement can teach, heal, and transform the human beings it passes through.


Note: this is an early work-in-progress presentation. Thank you to Edmonton Arts Council and Alberta Foundation for the Arts for supporting the development of this work.


The Coming Silence


Directed and choreographed by Melanie Kloetzel
Cinematography and editing by Linnea Swan

A kloetzel&co. production

Performers: Kaili Che, Shondra Cromwell-Krywulak, Hannah Isbister, Meghann Michalsky, Taylor Ritchie, and Rufi Oswaldo, with Megan Koch, Alyssa Maturino, Sarah Mitchell, Camille Mori, Maggie Myles, and Reese Wilson

Sound design by Melanie Kloetzel with poem “Extinction of Silence” by A. E. Stallings, and “Tree-Oh” by Michael Gordon, “End of Day” and “Icy Sleeves of Green 2.0” by Todd Reynolds, “The End of an Orange” by Paula Matthusen, “A Needle Pulling Fred” by Phil Kline – all from Outerborough Innova Recordings 741

In May 2021, in honor of both International Dance Day and Earth Day 2021, ReLoCate presented The Coming Silence, as Part 1 of The Experiment #5. A live self-guided, site-adaptive walking tour and performance, The Coming Silence was performed by the dance theatre company kloetzel&co. Crafted so that audiences could stroll along a particular route (of approximately one kilometer) on Prince's Island Park in Calgary, AB, audiences viewed the event under strict COVID-19 protocols. Linnea Swan filmed that live event in order to share the dance documentation as Part 2 of The Experiment #5.

The Coming Silence queries the false divisions humans create between themselves and the rest of the biotic world through an eerie reenactment of the natural history museum. The Coming Silence comments on the notion of extinction, whether through viral, climatic or ecological means, and highlights humanity’s ethical dilemmas in the Anthropocene.

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