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ReLoCate and TRAction


The Coming Silence 

A Self-Guided Walking Tour on Prince's Island Park, Calgary

May 1 & 2, 2021

03:00PM to 04:30PM













In honor of both International Dance Day and Earth Day, ReLoCate and TRAction present Part One of their Experiment #5 with The Coming Silence, a self-guided outdoor walking tour past a series of solo installations by the dance theatre company kloetzel&co.

The Coming Silence is an outdoor walking tour that queries the divisions humans create between themselves and the rest of the biotic world. With performers precisely embodying the postures of both human and non-human animals, the work ponders humanity’s links to other species via an eerie reenactment of the natural history museum display case.

The Coming Silence is crafted so that all walkers may stroll along a particular route (of approximately one kilometer) on Prince's Island Park, witnessing a series of solo installations (each at least 3 meters from the path). All interested walkers must register online ahead of time in order for facilitators to ensure staggered start times with cohort groups only as well as to receive an email for the starting location of the tour on Prince's Island Park. Walkers must be masked and maintain social distancing at all times during the tour and facilitators will be on site to support such measures. 

The Coming Silence comments on the notion of extinction, whether through viral, climatic or ecological means, and highlights humanity’s ethical dilemmas in the Anthropocene.

The walking tour is FREE, but all walkers must register for a start time. Please register here: https://forms.gle/LafxdYg5PzpRyRSG9. The walking tour will be paired with a virtual presentation that can be viewed after the tour. A link to this virtual presentation will be sent to registrants by email after each tour.

*Please note that this tour follows a dirt pathway.



Welcome to kloetzel&co’s THE COMING SILENCE, a self-guided walking tour taking place on May 1 & 2, 2021, presented by ReLoCate as part of The Experiment #5 and co-produced by TRAction.

Below you will find out information about the location of the tour, be able to download the audio file (or stream it) to accompany the tour (to be played on your smartphone), and be able to download the attached Scavenger Hunt for any children who may be attending. You will also be reminded of a link you will receive after the tour to a final film segment, and you will be able to see the credits for the project as well as an important discussion of acknowledgements and protocols. So please read through until the end!


The walking tour will take place beginning at the entrance to the Chevron Learning Pathway (east end of Prince’s Island Park, GPS coordinates: 51.054649, -114.067296) and will continue along the pathway to a large meadow area by Prince’s Island bridge (over Memorial Drive). This meadow is where the final installation will take place. Please meet at the Learning Pathway precisely at your appointed time to avoid a large accumulation of people.



In the spirit of respect, honour, and reconciliation, ReLoCate and TRAction want to acknowledge that the walking tour you will be attending is taking place on land known as Moh’kinsstis in Southern Alberta, traditional Treaty 7 territory for the Blackfoot confederacy, including the Siksika, Kainai, Piikani, as well as the Îyâxe Nakoda and Tsuut’ina First Nations. This land is also home to Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.


We also want to acknowledge that the walking tour is taking place during a pandemic, which has induced us to follow certain protocols. For the tour, these protocols include increased sanitation, the wearing of masks to protect others, and physical distancing. We will be abiding by such protocols throughout the self-guided tour, so please be aware of your presence with others, and PLEASE maintain the distance required on the pathway (which can be narrow at times) to ensure yours and others’ safety. There will be facilitators on site for the tour, so please feel free to approach them with any concerns you might have.


Finally, we want to acknowledge that the Treaty, as well as the pandemic, are part of larger processes, rather than fixed ideas. As we consider what reconciliation, health, and well-being mean at this moment, it is important to remember that we are all part of an ongoing journey, one that I hope we can all contribute to in a meaningful way.





kloetzel&co. production

Direction and Choreography: Melanie Kloetzel


Kaili Che, Shondra Cromwell-Krywulak, Hannah Isbister, Meghann Michalsky, Taylor Ritchie, and Rufi Oswaldo, with Megan Koch, Alyssa Maturino, Sarah Mitchell, Camille Mori, Maggie Myles, and Reese Wilson

Walking Tour Sound:

“Extinction of Silence” by A. E. Stallings, sound excerpts by Kosta T, “The End of an Orange” by Paula Matthusen, sound design by Melanie Kloetzel

Sound for Final Installation:

“Tree-Oh” by Michael Gordon, “End of Day” and “Icy Sleeves of Green 2.0” by Todd Reynolds, “The End of an Orange” by Paula Matthusen, “A Needle Pulling Fred” by Phil Kline – all from Outerborough Innova Recordings 741

Costume Assistance: Megan Koch

Special thanks to all the volunteers for helping to make this walking tour run smoothly!

Please see the links/attachments below to download the audio file for the walking tour and the scavenger hunt for any children that may be accompanying you!

Private Link to Audio Filehttps://relocateyyc.wixsite.com/dance/tcstrack

The Coming Silence Informationhttps://relocateyyc.wixsite.com/dance/shows

Scavenger Hunthttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1_qES5xCCET2yev4oAFBhKwQLNPm9kdIr/view?usp=sharing


After attending the walking tour, you will also receive a link to a film of THE COMING SILENCE, a larger performance work by kloetzel&co., filmed and edited by Linnea Swan.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.



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Photo by Citrus Photography.

Photo taken prior to COVID-19