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May 1 & 2, 2021 | 03:00PM MST
@ Prince's Island Park

Calgary, AB

This evening was co-presented by ReLoCate and TRAction.

In honor of both International Dance Day and Earth Day, ReLoCate and TRAction presented Part One of their Experiment #5 with The Coming Silence, a self-guided outdoor walking tour past a series of solo installations by the dance theatre company kloetzel&co.

The Coming Silence is an outdoor walking tour that queries the divisions humans create between themselves and the rest of the biotic world. With performers precisely embodying the postures of both human and non-human animals, the work ponders humanity’s links to other species via an eerie reenactment of the natural history museum display case

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for this project.

Photo of Rufi Oswaldo by Sentient Forms




Week 1: January 16 - 17, 2021

Week 2: January 23 - 24, 2021

Week 1: Marie France Forcier & Thea Patterson

Week 2: James Gnam & Melanie Kloetzel

Experiment #4 was performed live in Edmonton (Mile Zero) and Vancouver (Left of Main) in January 2020, but the circumstances of the pandemic prevented the final performances in Calgary from taking place. This situation had, however, offered an opportunity for the national public to access the work of these impressive artists via an online presentation. The artists graciously pivoted their work to create two enticing, relevant, and varied programs that are related to, but distinctly different from the live online offering.

Photo of Marie France Forcier by Tim Nguyen

Men in charge


November 1, 2020
@ The Globe Cinema

Calgary, AB

Screened at the WildDogs: Howls & Cries live event event as part of W&M Dance Projects' WildDogs International Screendance Festival 

This evening was co-presented by ReLoCate

Closing the evening, a special preview screening of “Men in Charge” by directors Melanie Kloetzel and Linnea Swan of Calgary was screened.

'MEN in charge', a kloetzel /swan production, offers a brutally humorous take on the political landscape as ‘alternative facts’ and outlandish acts take centre stage. Based on the kloetzel&co. live performance work 'It began with watching',  'MEN in charge' provides an entertaining and honest portrait of a sector enthralled with power. A droplet of intelligence here, a hint of a shadowy figure, and we are all marionettes, putty in the puppet master’s hands.




January 10 - 11, 2020

@ Spazio Performativo

co-produced by Mile Zero Dance

Edmonton, AB

Experiment #4 explored resilience, experienced by artists, individuals, communities or species of the planet as a whole. The performances entered into choreographic and improvisational methods expressing thought through a tri-city exchange of ideas; expanding the discourse in Canadian Contemporary dance.

Solo Performances featured: James Gnam (Vancouver), Thea Patterson (Edmonton), Marie France Forcier (Calgary), Melanie Kloetzel (Calgary) with additional group improv including musician Kelly Ruth ( Edmonton)

January 28 - 29, 2020

@ Left of Main

co-presented by plastic orchid factory

Vancouver, BC 

A BC—Alberta migration project initiated by ReLoCate, makes space for experimental works that chart new pathways through the questions of resilience, delineating how the body and its radical performances can illustrate empowered – and potentially surprising – prospects for individuals, species and communities

Experiment #4 featuring works by James Gnam / plastic orchid factory + Thea Patterson + Marie France Forcier, Melanie Kloetzel / ReLoCate + Nikki Carter.

Video by Linnea Swan


December 7 - 8, 2018

@ Doolittle Studio
Calgary, AB

THE EXPERIMENT #3 included a new solo created and performed by Rosanna Terracciano, a solo created by Linnea Swan for Marie France Forcier, and an excerpt of a new duet created and performed by Tania Alvarado and Melanie Kloetzel. Joining in the program were Edmonton’s Gerry Morita and Amber Borotsik, each presenting solo creations. The evening culminated in a group improvisation between all the performers with special musical guest, multi-instrumentalist Chris Dadge, of local label and experimental concert series, Bug Incision.

THE EXPERIMENT #3 has been made possible with the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

From Left to Right: Marie France Forcier, Amber Borotsik, Gerry Morita, Tania Alvarado, and Rosanna Terracciano.



November 12, 2017
@ Doolittle Studio
Calgary, AB

THE EXPERIMENT #2 was an intimate evening of presentation and conversation where the artists shared the results of a new collaborative research process and facilitated a discussion and feedback process with an invited audience. This feedback process assisted the artists in moving forward in their exploration of a new and sustainable approach to being dance artists in/with/among/for the Calgary artistic community.

Left to Right: Linnea Swan, Rosanna Terracciano, Tania Alvarado, Deanne Walsh, and Melanie Kloetzel


May 1 - 4, 2013

@ Festival Hall

Calgary, AB

ReLoCate and Calgary 2012 presented a brand new series, The Experiment, brought together dramatic physicality and interdisciplinary encounters at Festival Hall on May 1-4, 2013

In its first performance of the series, The Experiment #1, audiences were treated to contemporary ideas, cross-disciplinary dialogues, and collaborative engagements. In bold form, choreographers Amanda Acorn, Helen Husak, Melanie Kloetzel, Jason Stroh, Rosanna Terracciano, Edward Mitchell and Deanne Walsh presented new movement works that provoked and enticed at Calgary’s newest venue, Festival Hall. 

An on-site tour of the new Hall will surprised audiences with physical acts popping up in unusual ways. First, Melanie Kloetzel and Deanne Walsh mashed together irreverent kitsch and physical prowess in a hilarious reading of Pussy Riot, nursery rhymes, and the Hail Mary in TESTament. In her solo Goodbye Here, Rosanna Terracciano blended flamenco and contemporary dance with experimental film in a work that toys with leaving, loss, and escape. Toronto-based choreographer Amanda Acorn, in partnership with sound and video artist, Thea Jones, invited audiences into intimate dialogue in You/Me/Us, a joining of light and dark, video and sound. Collaborating with textile artist Tracy Murray, Jason Stroh along with dancer Joanne Baker created a world inspired by campfire tales and a reimagining of the Rapunzel fairytale. Finally, connecting the virtual body of dancer Lori Duncan (based in Krakow) with the real-time body of Helen Husak, Together Alone examined the foibles of verbal and physical transmission across international distances

Photo of Hilary Maxwell

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