The Experiment 

As a key contemporary notion, resilience has become shorthand for considerations of how to survive in the face of pressing issues of the current period. Whether this refers to the resilience of artists, of individuals, of communities, of species or of the planet as a whole, questions around who may be empowered and/or enabled for survival in the face of extreme challenges is a concern that touches humanity on both intimate and global scales. The Experiment #4 will address this theme, considering, in particular, how such discourses impact or intersect with the body and performances involving the body. Through works that experiment with discipline, form and content, the evening will chart new pathways through the tricky questions of resilience, delineating how the body and its radical performances can illustrate empowered – and potentially surprising – prospects for marginalized and/or disregarded individuals, species and communities.

ReLoCate Collective

ReLoCate is a group of Calgary-based mid-career professional artists working

in the realm of contemporary dance and performance practices, and is comprised

of Tania Alvarado, Marie France Forcier, Melanie Kloetzel, Linnea Swan, and

Rosanna Terracciano. Throughout their own individual careers to date, the

members have already accumulated impressive national and international

presentation experiences, collectively including the Canada Dance Festival (Ottawa),

Prairie Dance Circuit (Alberta/Saskatchewan/Winnipeg), Dancing on the Edge (Vancouver), DanceWorks (Toronto), Festival Trans-Ameriques (Montreal), Dusk Dances (Toronto), Movement Research at Judson Church (New York), Bienal de Flamenco (Seville), Flamenco Empirico (Barcelona) and Fluid Festival (Calgary).


“ReLoCate began in 2013 as a collaborative experiment among dance artists invested in uncovering innovative and interdisciplinary methods of art-making. Currently, with the addition of new artists, we’ve begun a process of collective re-imagining, aiming to find new collaborative partners in the larger arts community, and — perhaps more importantly — new invigorating and more sustainable possibilities for sharing performance and creating artistic exchange among artists throughout Alberta”, says Kloetzel, an original founding member of the collective. “We want to create long-term opportunities and a system of support for dance artists who are choosing to continue to dedicate themselves to a life in dance — and specifically in this province. The community here is small and its artists need support.”


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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